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Bathroom Faucets Review

If you are looking for bathroom faucets review then you are at the right place. Keep reading to find all your detailed answers.

While some people fail to take this aspect into account, choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can make such a considerable difference for your bathroom. No matter how nicely decorated your bathroom is, if you don’t choose the right kind of faucet, it can reflect on the overall feel of the bathroom. Whether you are looking for faucets for bathroom sinks, shower faucets, or for your bathroom vanities, there are a lot of options out there that would best suit your needs and preferences. With the number of faucet brands out there, it can often be challenging to choose which one is the best. If you are at a loss as to what kind of faucet to get for your bathroom, then you may want to consider the following:

Quick Buyers Guide to Bathroom Faucets

I know when we went shopping for bathroom sink faucets we first tried to find a model that we liked. Once we found a couple of styles to our liking then we made sure they had the finish we liked. In our tub and shower area we selected brushed nickel and for that matter we chose brushed nickel finish in our kitchen, kitchen faucets, and light fixtures. Basically our entire home is brushed nickel except our interior door knobs because our contractor screwed up and he wasn’t about to give us a break.

Just remember if you have bathroom vanities clawfoot tubs you will either want to match the clawfoot finish of faucets in the bathroom or match the color of the tub. A medicine cabinet will require pull knobs or handles so it is best to look for same finish as your tub and shower faucets.

Now that we had the finish and style picked out, our next area of concern was finding sinks under $100 as well as faucets under $100 because of our budget. Since we fell in love with Kohler faucets we quickly found out that our price range wasn’t going to fit these particular faucets unless we wanted to scrimp in the kitchen. Our plumber told us to take a look at Pro Flo because it is made by Kohler. We found a lot of products that looked very similar to the Kohler product line and we did end up purchasing these fixtures.

We did a lot of research on the net to find the discount bathroom faucets, or cheap bathroom faucets and discount bathroom fixtures, but in the end the cheap bathroom faucets we picked had a lot to do with our plumber. He kind of nailed us into a corner and told us flat out if we didn’t purchase our ProFlo and Kohler bathroom faucets and fixtures through him he would not guarantee his work and he would be working for an hourly wage instead. However, we did manage to get him to install the cheapest bathroom faucets you can find on the planet. We found it at Home Depot and it was a Price Pfister bathroom faucet and we paid 1 penny for it. They have some weird system where they keep marking down and the salesman told us to take it up front and see what the price was because he thought it was marked completely down. And he was correct, so the moral of this story is don’t be afraid to look in the sales bin you can find $200 bathroom faucets for cheap.

Major Brands of Bathroom Faucets-Quick Review

Delta Faucets

Bathroom faucets from delta all combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Whether you are looking for something that employs a more modern design or something more traditional, you can trust that Delta would deliver exactly what you need. You can take your pick from their wide rage of faucets that serve just about any purpose and preference. A delta faucet purchased from retail outlets like Lowe’s or Home Depot will not contain the same internal materials as from a plumbing store. If you are looking for quality then don’t hesitate to visit your local plumbing stores. Most of them have some very elaborate displays that will give you a good idea of what is available for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Delta Shower Faucets will also match the finish and style of other bathroom or tub fixtures. We read a lot of bathroom faucet reviews and a lot of people are happy with these faucets if you purchase them from a real plumbing store, those purchased from big box stores do not have the same internal guts and that is why they are normally cheaper.

Kohler faucets

Kohler has long been established in the industry and is widely-known as one of the best brands for faucets, showers, and other bathroom needs. Kohler has taken bathroom design to the next level by providing innovative and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for all of your faucet needs. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and functions with their line of faucets and you won’t be disappointed. Kohler like all the others will have matching shower faucets. Again, the reviews on these faucets and all Kohler faucets depend largely on where you purchase them. Real plumbing stores carry the real brand with real internal parts that last longer. Check out amazon reviews to get a good idea on various Kohler bathroom faucets.

American Standard

Anyone who has ever designed a bathroom before has heard of the brand of American Standard. You see this brand in a lot of residential and commercial bathrooms so it does not come as a surprise that they are considered to be an industry-standard when it comes to bathroom fixtures. If you are looking for bathroom faucets for your bathroom, then you may want to consider American Standard, as they provide highly durable fixtures for your needs. American standard shower faucets can be found everywhere you look, especially in homes about 20 years old. We had American Standard bathroom faucets for the length of our home (before fire destroyed it) and they were a really nice faucet. Widespread faucets that worked real well. We were sorry to see them go and we could not find the exact replacements or we would have purchased them. I know some of the bathroom faucet reviews you read these days are mixed, but we had a great experience with our faucets from American Standard. That includes the kitchen faucets as well.

Moen Faucets

From oil rubbed bronze bath faucets to traditional stainless-steel faucets, you can find just about any kind of faucet design and material from the brand. Whether you want single-handle bathroom faucet or double-handle faucets, it is easy to find what you are looking for, as Moen has a wide-range of options. You will find some huge Moen shower faucets on the market and I mean big shower heads. Moen bathroom faucets have by and large great reviews and you surely can’t go wrong with this purchase. However, expect to pay a little more money and that includes paying for the name. But if they last a long time, then they are well worth the extra price.

Pro Flo

As we mentioned at the top of this page, Pro Flo is made by Kohler. We own Pro Flo single handle kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets double handle, tub faucets, sink faucets, hand shower, toilets and tub. We are very happy with the product and do recommend them.

A couple of other bathroom fixtures brands we haven’t mentioned are Danze faucets, Grohe faucets and Price Pfister faucets. Both are excellent products and you will find their product line comparable and competitive with the other brands. Just remember when you purchase any of these faucets that the valve that you currently have will work with your new products. Oftentimes you will need to switch out all the valves and guts of your faucets. Also if you go from a single handle to double handle faucets make sure your centerset holes will work for the new faucet.

Choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can be very easy if you know which brands provide the best solutions for your needs. if you are ever in need of a new faucet or a faucet replacement, consider the aforementioned brands and you can never go wrong. We have started to see a switch over to vessel sinks and waterfall faucets.




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Bathroom Faucets Review

If you are looking for bathroom faucets review then you are at the right place. Keep reading to find all your detailed answers. While some people fail to take this aspect into account, choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can make such a considerable difference for your bathroom. No matter...

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